About company

Eco-brand SUN FOODS TM - continuous movement towards perfection!

We are modest, but is actively trying to contribute to the health of our planet.

About company

Eco-brand SUN FOODS® - innovative brand of modern Ukrainian company "SINTEX" which specializes in producing of 100% natural food.

The entire raw material base - are vegetables fields and plantations of aromatic herbs (basil, dill, parsley, oregano). It’s located in a close proximity to a modern industrial complex in ecologically clean Nova Kahovka (Kherson region).

Because of the new NST technologies, own technological solutions, know-how and equipment, SUN FOODS is proud to have a wide range of unique products with improved quality characteristics of the flavor intensity, color and taste of its products. SUN FOODS always strives to bring to the consumer's table the highest quality products.

Only due to the peculiar microclimate of ecologically clean Kherson Tavria region, its traditions, and heritage of the ancestors, which are transmitted from parents to children, give a food, always for generations, its specific flavor and aroma, and make the values of the nature to be a traditional gardener of Ukraine. Now you are much closer to the mystery and magic of the Kherson region, and you can try it. For this reason, all the vegetables and aromatic herbs are grown in Ukraine, which makes it possible to control the growth process and to carry out a careful selection of high quality raw materials.

How we make our products

In production we use modern NST - technologies (New Solar Technologies) and get a new type of the dried monoproducts with saved natural color, smell, taste and bioenergy of the fresh product, which has a maximum of stored nutrients: vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, which are not generated by the organism and received only with a meal.

Stage of infrared drying

NST-technologies as a kind of eco-conservation (dehydrated products) - is the use of NST-4 infrared drying method with NST soft delicate drying at low t° = 50 ... 55 °C for the production of natural dried products: dried vegetables, dried herbs, dried mushrooms, fruits, berries, meat, including food powders with maximum keeping of biologically active substances, micro and macro elements, organic acids, chlorophyll, fiber, and other nutrients.

Low temperature drying step (50-55°C)

The technological process for NST-drying technology is based on the use of infrared waves of certain length which are actively absorbed by the water molecules contained in the products of animal or plant origin, and easily bring the water to the surface. At the same time, these rays do not interact with the plant tissues and do not ruin the cells of the product in the drying process. Therefore, the process of removing the cellular and extracellular water is possible at relatively low temperatures, which gives a reason to talk about getting qualitatively new types of products with the use of NST-technology while preserving all the natural qualities of the fresh product.

The product is classified as 100% natural ecological products without taste boosters, with no artificial flavors, without preservatives, no artificial colors, class - "Premium".

The products contain almost no fat, no milk, gluten-free, low in calories - ideal for a complete nutrition of both children and adults. Use for the prevention or diet with diabetes, gluten-free and casein-free diets and always with celiac disease. This is a tasty supplement for vegetarians and vegans.

Unlike to the fresh products that even in ultra-comfortable storage conditions, by the middle of the winter, lose more than a half of its useful qualities, our dried natural products for a long period do not lose its original quality.

Products are made from cultivated champignon mushrooms, high quality fresh vegetables and herbs grown in the open ground of the ecologically clean region of Ukraine, Kherson region, traditional Ukrainian gardener and manufactured by the structural subdivision of the company 'SINTEX' - the Nova Kakhovka town canning and drying factory.

To restore all the physical, chemical and organoleptic qualities of the product, dried product is enough to soak in the warm water for 10-15 minutes. When cooking soups, sauces, aroma oils - should be used without prior soaking. When preparing main dishes, pastries, salads - with the previous soaking. Recovery: vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries - by 5-6 times, mushrooms - by 7-8 times.

If to recalculate using the recovery properties of the dried products, especially in winter, the price of dried product significantly wins comparing to the fresh produce from greenhouses and is more useful for healthy eating and renewal of the essential vitamin stocks comparing with the produce grown on hydroponics.

Product Safety

Sterilization and storage terms

Infrared light when using NST-technology and microwave sterilization assists the destruction of microflora on the surface of the product, making the dried product almost aseptic, that allows to create the conditions for guaranteed, long shelf-life of finished products up to 36 months from the date of production, without creating of special conditions.

Sterilisation and shelf life

  • on the factory is implemented the system for controlling of the finished products for the presence of the metal impurities, all granular products, immediately prior to the packaging are passed through a special equipment - a magnetic separator;
  • humidity control of the finished product is conducted at the factory with the use of an infrared moisture analyzer of 'Radwag' brand which is one of the world's leaders in the production of laboratory equipment.


  • the company has all licensing documentation for a food production;
  • the company is certified according to the ISO 9001: 2009;
  • the company is preparing to move on for certification according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standart.