Dried eggplant

Dried eggplant <br>SUN FOODS®

In the south of Kherson region, in the steppes area near the Black Sea grow up excellent fruits of shiny purple aubergines.

aubergines taste not inferior to mushrooms

Dried eggplant <br>SUN FOODS®
Aubergine is a favorite vegetable in southern countries. It is widely used in cooking.
Dried eggplant <br>SUN FOODS®

Dishes with dried eggplant

Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav
Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav

New varieties of eggplant contain no bitterness, and they should not be soaked.

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Eggplant rolls Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Eggplant rolls

Ingredients: eggplant - 2 pieces, tomato - 3 pc, cooking (vegetable) oil -3 tablespoons, garlic - 2 cloves, 100 g of mayonnaise, herbs, salt and pepper - to taste.

Cut the eggplant along, as thin slides, fry in vegetable oil on both sides. Cut tomatoes with strips. Grease the eggplant slices with mayonnaise. Wrap into the rolls adding a tomato. Decorate with herbs.

Recipes from SUN FOODS® Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipes from SUN FOODS®

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