Dried onion

Dried onion <br>SUN FOODS®

Onions are cultivated with love by farmers of Kherson province, and onions in the dried condition hadn't lost its healthy benefits.

intense aroma and taste of an onion.

Dried onion <br>SUN FOODS®
Seems explanations are superfluous, already carefully washed, peeled, chopped and dried, its spicy aroma simply always at hand!

Dried onion <br>SUN FOODS®

Dried at low, delicate temperatures, saved all natural, therapeutic benefits and flavor characteristics even after the drying.

It's structure includes essential oils, different types of sugars (fructose, sucrose, etc.), vitamins C and B1, carotene, microelements set, one of which is Sulfur which gives it a specific smell. Onions give off phytoncides which contribute to the fight against different bacteria, which is why it is one of the most famous folk remedies for colds and flu. Moreover, it is often used for the prevention of colds and infectious diseases.

Dishes with dried onions

Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav
Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav

The precious powder is indispensable for many types of sausages such as chorizo, lomo (tenderloin), loin. It adds absolutely impeccable credibility taste for paella, in American cuisine as a condiment for barbecue pork, beef, lamb stews, kebabs and even spicy eggs!

Paprika is a good addition to the barbecue, it goes well with meat, poultry, vegetables, cheese, eggs, fish, seafood. Add paprika as the main spice to the goulash, soups, sauces, salads, eggs, rice, and ground meat. Paprika much better gives its flavor and color in hot fatty environment so better to dilute the required amount of paprika in the hot oil, and even better in the melted fat and a ready-made blend add to the main dish just until cooked. And in any case add paprika to almost cooked dish.

Cooking a hot meat dish - classic goulash (gulyas) and its version of Hungarian origin, thick meat goulash with potatoes - "Bogracs in Zakarpattya", you may still cook "Perkolt", "Tokani" or delicious "Paprikash" or fish soup "Halasle" .

Bogracs gulyas (goulash) in Zakarpatsky Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Bogracs gulyas (goulash) in Zakarpatsky

Beef stew, spicy hot food from the fire, both the first and the second dish, one of the most popular and the favorite dishes of Zakarpattya folk cuisine. ''Shepherd's food" traditionally cooked over an open fire in a special pot - "Bogracs".
The recipe has an unthinkable number of options, but each recipe of Bogracs, and almost like all other Zakarpattya and Hungarian dishes, a must ingredient is paprika, which gives the dish a piquant flavor.


Veal 1кg
Bacon 150-200 g
Onions "Aroma" 30-40 g
Paprika "La Borepa" powder 3 tablespoon
Potatoes 500-600 g
Paprika "La Borepa 1" pieces 1 mm 20-30 g
Dried tomatoes "La Salento" 15 g
Carrot 2 pieces small
Parsley greens "Exclusive"


 In the pot heated on the fire put the chopped bacon, melt the bacon and add the large size chopped carrot sticks, lightly fry, add onion "Aroma" and paprika powder "La Borepa".

Be careful - onions shouldn’t get burnt and paprika should get all the fat, so you need to intensively stir a meal with a wooden spoon.

Add meat to the pot, cut into portions measuring approximately 2 cm, crushed garlic, cumin, everything stir well, add a little water or bone broth as needed. Do not add a lot of liquid, the meat should stew.

To the meat which is almost done, and all the liquid need to evaporate, there is only oil, add the diced potatoes.

At the end of cooking put salt, add pepper "La Borepa 1", dried tomatoes "La Salento", parsley greens "Exclusive" that will significantly increase the aroma and taste of our "Bogracs".

Outdoors, in clean air, near the fire place, with a family or sincere friends , Ministry of Health does not prohibit combine a healthy diet with a good dry wine.

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