Dried beetroot

Dried beetroot <br>SUN FOODS®

The warm air, a bright sun, the fertile soil of the southern steppes make a beetroot a treasure of nutrients, vitamins and microelements.

Delicate pleasant pulp with a saturated sweet flavor with a specific aroma.

Dried beetroot <br>SUN FOODS®
Beetroot - is a unique vegetable, for its benefits is difficult to overestimate.

Dried beetroot <br>SUN FOODS®

Dry it at low, delicate temperatures, keep the taste, color and aroma, without flavor boosters, flavorings, preservatives, coloring agents. Beetroot is used in cooking of many salads, vinaigrettes, garnishes, borscht. Beetroot is used to make the juice, it is baked and pickled.

Beetroot is rich on iron and iodine, so it is recommended to eat in case of anemia. Beetroot leads in the content of B vitamins, has antioxidant benefits, removes the radionuclides, heavy metal salts, reduces the risk of cancer, thyroid diseases, prevents the formation of blood clots.

Boiled beetroot has a laxative and diuretic effect. Due to high content of the fiber and organic acids enhances peristalsis.

Dishes with dried beetroot

Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav
Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav

With heat treatment beetroot does not lose its healthy qualities. Those who are watching for their health and figure - this vegetable is for you!

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Beetroot pesto with salty crackers Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Beetroot pesto with salty crackers

Ingredients: boiled beetroot - 2 pieces, walnuts -80 g, prunes - 50 g, garlic -2 cloves, herbs, olive oil - 2-3 tablespoons, a pinch of salt.

All ingredients to grind in a blender. Mass obtained to spread on salted crackers and decorate with a sprig of thyme. Vitaminize!

Recipes from SUN FOODS® Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipes from SUN FOODS®

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