Dried tomatoes

Tomato slices halfs 1/2 Pomodorini secchi "Bellissimo" and quarters 1/4 Pomodori secchi "La Salento"
Dried tomatoes <br>SUN FOODS®

Sugar, vibrant, beefsteak tomatoes of Kherson region are known in the entire country, they are, without exaggeration, the best in the world. That is due to the help of nature, particularly due to the favorable climate of the Tavria steppes, the Dnieper river and gentle sun, and of course - the caring hands of Ukrainians.

removed the middle and the seeds, there is a special flavor, rich aroma and red color of the tomatoes.

Dried tomatoes <br>SUN FOODS®
Italian traditions, and our sun in Kherson province. This little summer, which may be made by yourself at will, and even in the winter for cooking a variety of dishes with a flavor and taste of the steppes and warmth of it.
Dried tomatoes <br>SUN FOODS®

We actually only dry it at delicate temperatures, the taste differs from the fresh tomatoes - it is something incredible, no flavor boosters, no aromatizers, no preservatives, no coloring agents.

Dishes with dried tomatoes

Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav
Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav

Feel the taste of Italian cuisine. It may be added into tomato sauces and pastes to boost the flavor, into the dough for a bread or focaccia.

Cook with it a delicious sauce to pasta, homemade pizza, or use as a base for a pizza or savory pies, red (Sicily) pesto for a bruschetta.

As a filling for tartlets - tomatoes are mixed with soft cheese and crackers, frittata or potato gnocchi, meat lasagna or cannelloni, and also make the wonderful puff cake with canned artichokes, olives, cheese and dried tomatoes or just serve as an accompaniment to a cheese plate.

Tomatoes are used in caponata and other vegetable dishes with aubergines and even enhance the flavor of dull courgettes and zucchini.

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS®

Macerate several (as many as you do not mind) dried tomatoes sprinkled with dried basil. Stir with the grated salty sheep's feta cheese or soft sheep cheese with white mold, for fans may be useful baked garlic to taste. With warm toasts will be so yummy! Save water, goes good with a dry red wine.

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Kherson "pesto" red. Pesto alla Khersonese. Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Kherson "pesto" red. Pesto alla Khersonese.

Renowned sauces - red "pesto", is cooked from the dried tomatoes Pesto alla siciliana (Sicilian pesto) grown on Sicily or Pesto alla trapanese from the tomatoes grown in the region of the Gulf of Naples, and Kherson red "pesto" is cooked from the dried tomatoes "Bellissimo" or "La Salento "grown along the river of Dnieper at Kherson.

Ingredients: Dried tomatoes "La Salento" - 50 g, 150 ml of extra virgin olive oil, 4 tbsp. of cedar nuts, 50 g of sheep cheese, 1 anchovy (or the Black Sea khamsa) - optional, garlic, 1/2 tsp of basil "Provence G", parsley "Special", salt.

Cooking: Macerate dried tomatoes and pickled capers (not marinated), mix in a blender with cedar nuts, add a little of olive oil, those who like it spicy, you may add a hot red pepper, 1 tbsp. of aromatic paprika "La Bogera", 1/4 of teaspoon of oregano, thyme, fennel seeds - all to your own taste, will not be redundant a separately roasted or baked garlic, Parmesan or pecorino sheep cheese.

Everything - up to your wish, because on Sicily cook Pesto alla Siciliana - without nuts, but with tomatoes, in the region of the Bay of Naples and is considered the best Pesto alla trapanese - with dried tomatoes and almonds, but without cheese. Mix and match, experiment and enjoy the results!

Arrange to your beloved the extravaganza of taste and aroma, appreciation and pleasure are guaranteed.

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS®

To be continued

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