Dried dill

"Premium" and "Intensive"
Dried dill <br>SUN FOODS®

Dill, carefully grown on the fields of southern Ukraine.

intense aroma and taste of the fresh dill

Dried dill <br>SUN FOODS®
The best solution for those who want to enjoy its fresh summer aroma a whole year round. Add it wherever you want!

Dried dill <br>SUN FOODS®

Dry it at low temperatures, it is green and fragrant, even after drying, with no taste boosters, with no aromatizers, free of preservatives, with no artificial color.

Dishes with dried dill

Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav
Tips from the Chef Vyacheslav

"Premium" - it's simply a leaf (dill weed) that's why decorate the dishes just prior presenting them to a table. "Intensive" - a bright aroma of essential oils of the dill weed and tops of the stem, for cooking sauces, gravies, and dressings.

Use: in soups, borscht soups, seasoning for vegetable salads, omelets, eggs, cheeses, to flavor vinegar, oil and butter.

Add to dishes with meat, poultry, mushrooms, seafood and fish, vegetable dishes from peas, beans, green beans, for salting and pickling cucumbers, courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms, for fillings in savory pastry: for pies, casseroles, flat cakes, pita, pizza.

In the first courses, boiled and roasted main dishes dill is added for 1-2 minutes until the dish is cooked. The ready-made meals - preliminary pour for 10 minutes with warm water. In sauces, butter, and salads - while cooking.

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Kherson Crawfish boiled in beer Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Kherson Crawfish boiled in beer

To cook the crawfish will need water, salt, dill, and crawfish itself. Put a pot with water on the fire, add salt - 1 tbsp. per liter of water. For crawfish to become fragrant add a bay leaf into the water and dried dill "Intensive". Into a a boiling water pour the crawfish and add some beer.

1: 4 to water.

Cook on the low heat for 5 minutes and leave for 10 minutes in a liquid, and now run to a table with a cold beer.

If at home "accidentally" were overlooked some Irish blue lobsters - to cook in the same way.

Clean air and good company of friends - will do the trick.

Recipe from SUN FOODS® Recipe from SUN FOODS ®

Recipe from SUN FOODS®

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